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Meg Smith

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About the Print

Being amongst the towering giants of this world, there is a humbling, peaceful connection that can be felt..

The Canvas Pack

The Canvas Pack is designed as a mountain town daypack so rock it on a pre-work ski, weekend hike or your daily commute. It fits a laptop, jacket and brown bag lunch, or enough gear and gummy bears for a romp in the woods.

Most importantly though, shoulder the Canvas Pack anytime you feel the need to add a splash of color to the world. If you’re anything like us, that’s pretty much all the time :)

The Canvas Series

The Canvas Series is a Free Range collaboration with artists who live to get lost in the mountains. A portion of each sale goes directly back to the artist who painted/illustrated/imagined your print.

Made in Vietnam.


  • Four separate pockets.
    • Top lid pocket.
    • Security pocket underneath lid.
    • Internal mesh pocket.
    • One main compartment.
  • Removable backpad and waistbelt.
  • Adjustable sternum strap.


Made of about ~50% recycled materials. Includes a mix of nylon and polyester with a small leather branded patch. Made in Vietnam.

Warranty & Returns

60 Days of Adventure

Doesn't fit? Not totally psyched? Please send it back in any condition within 60 days of the purchase date for a full refund (including shipping costs).

To initiate a return, please login using the little dude in the upper right corner (make sure to use the email you ordered with), find your order, click the dropdown, and select "Request return."

Product Lifetime Warranty

Your purchase will be repaired or replaced in the event of a manufacturer defect for the lifetime of the product. This guarantee does not cover failure caused by normal wear and tear or user stupidity :) 


Need a repair from normal wear and tear? See our Repairs page.



Width: 11.5" (30 cm.)
Height: 21" (53 cm.)
Depth: 7" (18 cm.)
Volume: ~25 L
Weight: 19 oz. (540 g.)

Care Instructions

First and foremost, your pack requires daily walks and adventures in order to maintain its well-being. And if you uphold these responsibilities, you may notice a light yet persistent layer of grubbiness form on the vibrant colors of your pack. When this happens, it may be time to give it the ol' scrub-a-dub. We've put together a short instructional video for your entertainment. Please enjoy.

  1. Remove backpad.
  2. Use any "grease" removal laundry detergent (here we use Spray & Wash with great success). Apply directly on pack or onto a rag or sponge and scrub vigorously over any dirty areas.
  3. Let the detergent soak in for about 5 minutes.
  4. Toss in the laundry. We recommend using hot water and then just not showering for a couple days to make up for it.
  5. Voila!
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Meet the Artist

Meg Smith

As a passionate outdoor explorer with professional training in design, my work combines an eye for style with a tangible feeling of being in wild places. I strive to convert the inspiration I receive from deep snow, flowing water and the natural world surrounding me into every piece. 

I love to challenge myself by blending the conceptual with the realistic in my work. I am a professional fine artist and pilot based in Alaska’s Chugach Mountains. I use my bush plane to deliver my art & experience the remote places found in my artwork.

Follow the link below to learn more about the artist and to view all the Free Range products featuring Meg’s work!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 87 reviews
Naomi C
Beautiful backpack!

If you need a reliable, comfy, and stylish backpack, this one’s got you covered. It's smartly designed, made with durable materials, and incredibly versatile. I love that it features a beautiful picture of Mt. Hood, adding such a unique and lovely touch. Whether you're an avid hiker or just need a dependable everyday bag, this backpack is absolutely worth the investment. Trust me, you won’t regret it!


This bag is awesome! I take it with me everywhere, I go for a hike every day with my dog and it is perfect for my day hikes and I just carry it with me every day in the car too. It just holds everything that I need.

Forever Phanny Fan

I admit it... I have 3-4 "regular" fanny packs hanging in my entryway. BUT I only use one. That's right. My Free Range Phanny is the only one I use. It's sad for the others, but my Phanny and I try to be kind as we go out for rides, runs, and everywhere else. This phanny can do it all! It stays comfortably in place when I run (no bouncing when it's almost full or nearly empty); it's fun to sling over a shoulder to run into the grocery store or as I ride bikes around town; I stuff it full of water, snacks, hand warmers, and spare gloves for nordic + alpine skiing; and sometimes I even throw it in my Free Range Tote as a purse or snack bag. The key chain hook-thingy is key. The inner pocket is perfect for keeping my phone and chapstick in place. Adjusting strap length and extra-strap-length management is a cinch. Great buckle.

Sorry to fanny packs everywhere... the Free Range Phanny is simply way way better.


Great quality and true to all the details!


As always, Free Range does not disappoint - this pack is awesome! Aside from the fact that the art is stunning, the backpack itself is well-made and thoughtfully designed. It is the perfect size for any adventure. Love it!