Made in Bend, Oregon

Our Story

A catalyst for freedom, creativity, and community in the mountains and life.

Canvas Series

A collaboration with artists who live to get lost in the mountains.

Every purchase supports an artist on their own adventure.

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Vertical Series

Sport-specific backpacks for soul-free adventure in the mountains.

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Reports from the Field

Enter Free Range Equipment. Here's a company full of youthful enthusiasm with products created by climbers and skiers who understand the demand of these activites and the desires of their peers. Conceptualized, designed, sewn, and tested in Bend, Oregon, there is no doubt who is doing what at Free Range. 

Skimo Life

Full-on burl and resiliance with the compactness and simplicity of a pack that's quite enjoyable to wear while climbing.  

Climbing Magazine

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The Story

It starts with a college dropout, a suppressed creative energy, and life mission that needed realization. While failing school, Tosch Roy discovered his ticket to freedom in the form of a sketchy-looking pack that he designed for a skimo race. Game on.

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The Packtory

Welcome to the production floor, design studio, brand office, and source of good juju - in a garage. All of our packs are designed and manufactured at the foot of the Cascade Range in Bend, OR. 

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The Yahoos

One thing we’ve learned for sure: it takes a community to bring a vision to life. Meet the kickass team of fabric wrastlers, gear snobs, and general shenanigan-makers who keep the stoke alive at Free Range Equipment.

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