An outdoor brand that operates on good juju and acts as a catalyst for freedom, creativity, and community in the mountains and life.

There's something inside of you that wants out. It changes. Sometimes it's a fire that burns away at the back of your neck, sometimes a glowing energy in the pit of your stomach. It's destructive if you ignore it. You may not have a choice when or where the feeling hits you. It comes often of its own accord and with no warning whatsoever. You can't control the feeling, but you can choose what you will do with it. How will you let it go?

Free Range Equipment was built on a creative force that wanted out of the cage of the traditional life path. Based in Bend, Oregon at the foot of the Oregon Cascades, the company was started by Tosch Roy, with a wealth of help, knowledge, and encouragement contributed by others. The name, the products, and the mission are simple and inspired by the proud and open mountains within view from the machines that stitch the products together. To us, it's the Free Range.  

Designed and manufactured in Bend, OR.