Do you ship outside the United States?

Umm, heck yes we do! We love seeing the packs find homes all over the world. A couple things to note about international orders:

  • All international shipping and duty fees will be charged when the product arrives at your local post office. Unfortunately we aren't able to give you an estimate on this cost as each country has its own custom fee structure.
  • USPS tracking only works within the United States and will not stay up-to-date after the package leaves the border.
  • International shipping times can vary quite a lot. Count on 1 to 4 weeks for your package to arrive after shipment.

Who is your shipping vendor?

We typically ship via USPS. When you order ships, you will receive tracking information via email. 

My package is not here yet, what do I do now?

Let us know! We're here to help and want to make it right. If you ever have any questions, please reach out!

What type of package will my pack arrive in?

We try to do our part and minimize waste as much as possible, including the package we send your pack to you in. We look for the ideal balance of protecting your pack and environment. So, if you feel like there is minimal packaging, then we're doing it right - that's our intention. We hope you appreciate it.


How long is the waist belt strap the canvas phanny pack?

The phanny pack can accommodate up to a 47 inch waist and the strap is 1.5 inches wide.


How long are the waist belt and chest straps on the canvas pack?

The pack waist strap can accommodate up to a 47 inch waist and is 1 inch wide. The chest strap widens to 13 inches and is 3/4 inches wide.


How do I clean my pack and/or phanny?

If your Free Range item is in need of a good cleaning...congratulations(!), you’re using it for its intended purpose!! You can actually just throw it in the washing machine, but skip over to this page and watch the video for some tips and tricks that will restore it to just about as good as new!


Do you sell gift certificates?

Yes we do! Give the gift of choice and purchase one here!


How do I go about becoming a Free Range artist?

Send us an email with your website, Instagram, a brief snippet about yourself, and what it is that makes you stoked about becoming a Free Range artist!


How do you pick your artists?

It’s a mix of a lot of things! How we think our styles and ethos will mesh, how many artists we are currently bringing on, how well your art will transfer to a pack/phanny, which artists and styles we already work with...things like that! That being said, we love supporting artists and using our packs and phannies as a medium of showcasing art, so it never hurts to reach out and ask!