Vertfest @ Mt. Bachelor

Vertfest @ Mt. Bachelor

On a very wet and snowy (who are we kidding, it was definitely rain and hail at times) Saturday this past weekend, 85 people who get a kick out of skiing uphill to earn their downhill turns, gathered at the base of Red Chair at Mt. Bachelor for the 2nd annual Vertfest.

The newly formed Bend Skimo Team (check them out at was well represented with seven of its nine members racing, its eighth member was the race director, which is no small feat, and its ninth member was in Sun Valley at a cross country ski race. Solid work team, proud of you guys.

 Okay everyone, just act casual.

Now show us your best Ninja pose.... excellent, thank you.

Skimo race pack. Yup they're frickin' sweet.

PODIUM! Whoop whoop!

1st- Tosch Roy and Stephanie Howe

2nd- Max King and Zoë Roy

3rd- Tim Holmberg and Holly Davis

Find full results HERE.

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