Seasons Change - Joel Chadd

Seasons Change - Joel Chadd

Music, wood-fired pizza, alpine sunsets, and artsy backpacks. 'Twas a night we won't soon forget. Hopefully this video captures half the shiver-inducing vibes we all felt out there.

Big thanks to Joel Chadd for performing this number 'Seasons Change' with accompaniment from Olivia Elia and Ky Burt. Be sure to check out Joel's new album 'Ghost of You' anywhere you can stream music.

Also made possible by the following group of roadies and yahoos:

  • Head Chef / Zoe Roy
  • Audio / Krista Koehn
  • Vibes / Sheila Dunn
  • Dough Roller / Barry Wicks
  • Video / Jonathan Reynolds
  • Video / Tosch Roy
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