Alaska Range Shenanigans

Alaska Range Shenanigans

Meet Team Glory Bowl (left to right) Justin Libby, Katie Libby, Zoë Roy, Holly Brooks and Rob Whitney. Stoke is high.

The five of us recently spent six dreamy days in the Alaska Range living out of an arctic oven (think standing room plus a cute mini wood fired stove and stove pipe).

 And what followed were six solid days of sunshine filled with skinning, shredding and best run after best run right up until the moment we were plucked off the glacier by our DeHavilland Otter taxi.

 And dance parties on mountain tops...obviously.

Photo cred: Holly Brooks

Talk about a scenic bathroom view...we were living in the lap of luxury.

As we were sitting on the side of our makeshift plane runway waiting for a pickup at the end of the week, we decided to squeeze in one last run and rip our skins and clothes off the second we heard the sound of a plane motor. Skin to win. Always.

Photo cred: Rob Whitney

Photo cred: Katie Libby 

I'm still on an Alaska high three weeks after the fact, so that's fun.

To top it all off, our pilot took us on a bit of tour on our way home; weaving between rock spires and walls that looked close enough to touch, all the while with little piles of rock like Denali and the Moose's Tooth in the backdrop. Not too shabby!

Cheers to Alaska, stellar friends, good vibes and the next adventure!

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